MArch Exhibition 2014 / Intimate Cities / In Limbo

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(15th – 26th June 2014)

In Limbo

– An Exploration of the Stagnant Urban Condition in Relation to Future Nomadic Drifting Trends

‘Following the end of transnational controls on free movement and access restrictions to the UK labor market, a high influx of Romani groups are expected to arrive and settle within British and implicitly, Mancunian territory. As the problem of spatial scarcity arises and the needs of the Roma community intensify, the city needs to develop an architectural language that will provide a sensible platform for their social and urban distribution.

 Drawing on dichotomies of spatial purity and impurity, on notions of boundary, transience and spatial justice, the scheme proposes a temporary structure that plugs into the existing site infrastructure – a contemporary Roma camp, aimed to provide the incoming community with a pre-defined set of architectural and spatial principles.

Overall, the focus on temporary, adaptable, shared spaces challenges the sedentary predisposition specific to Western architecture and its affinity towards grand, enduring structures. The approach is driven by the idea that architecture functions as an ideology in built form, that homes are more than just fixed dwellings, more than just sheltering devices: they are tools that enable the communities that use architecture to carve their identities and redefine visions of themselves.’